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Urgent car rental

The modern rhythm of life often dictates high speeds. During a single day person faces the need of visiting a variety of places, and some of them could be at remarkable distances from each other. Public transport is not always capable of delivering client to its destination especially if the address is in a remote location.

The simplest solution in this situation is a car hire. You can choose it for your soul and for the tasks which have to be solved, at any time in the company DACAR56, which claims a reputation of a reliable provider of urgent car rental in Orenburg for the second decade.

To contact us will become the most correct and pleasant decision, which will allow you to prepare operatively for a meeting with an arriving relative at the airport, arranging a luxurious wedding cortege, going round potential partners on the remote city border zones or taking the family out for a memorable weekend in the most picturesque, divine and pristine corner on the Earth!

There are no unmanageable issues! If you do not have a driving license, we are ready to provide a car with a personal driver!

There is a rich range of vehicles at your service, from small budgetary workhorses:

• Volkswagen Polo;

• Skoda Rapid, Octavia;

• Largus,

Up to elite, luxurious and representative cars:

• Lexus GS 250;

• Lexus ES 250,

You will be definitely pleased with the representatives of the business class:

• Toyota Camry;

• Nissan Teana;

• Skoda Superb,

Off-road cars, capable of dealing with any difficult terrain:

• Toyota Land Cruiser Prado;

• Nissan Terano;

• Renault Daster,

• Chevrolet Niva

In the event of planning a large group trip, we are ready to offer a Korean minivan Hyundai h1 to the client. Be sure – its cargo capacity will endure an immersive amount of load, from baggage to people!

Why is an urgent rent a trouvaille?

In a case of own transport absense, it will not become a problem to fulfil a promise of Sunday fishing to your son. "Chevrolet-Niva" will take you to the place of the coolest fish rising anywhere in the region through every obstacle!

Visiting relatives in remote areas? Not a problem anymore! Now you are able to do it with comfort, and on the way back you may no longer worry about the cargo space for home-made pickles! No more thinking about horrifying exhausting trips on “Gazelle”-buses!

Unlike happy owners of a personal vehicle, urgent car rental allows you to avoid carrying out a thorough and expensive diagnosis, maintenance and adjustment of the car. All our vehicles have a small mileage and are always maintained in a technically serviceable condition. To ensure renter’s safety and comfort level, the car undergoes full technical diagnostics and a set of repair measures after each customer. All identified malfunctions are operatively eliminated by high-qualified repair personal in authorized car-care centers, with which we have relevant contracts.

Why choosing us as a car-rent service?

The creation of the most significant opportunities for the renter is the fundamental principle of the DACAR56. Each of our employees aims at fulfilling the most demanding tastes and needs of a potential client!

In case of any difficulties in choosing the color or model of the rental car, our employee will render all possible assistance and answer any upcoming questions that may be arose, regarding the technical condition, characteristics or maintenance of the chosen car, as well as the details of clear contract, in accordance with the basis, on which our car rental service in Orenburg is working.

You get a car, which is officially supplied with CASCO (the size of the franchise is 10 thousand rubles), and OSAGO.

The cost of rent includes a limit of the distance of the daily run, which is 300 km. This is quite enough to solve the vast majority of common problems.

The car is provided to the client in a clean and technically maintained condition. You can clean it up in our car wash before returning it to us.

The sum of the deposit depends on the brand, type and model of the rented vehicle. At the request of the renter, we can (for an additional fee) provide him with a rented antiradar.a

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