Rus / Eng


I called in the middle of the night from St. Petersburg, wasn’t really expecting someone to answer, but a few hours later in the morning I was met at the airport. A brand-new clean car with attentive and intelligent driver was waiting for me, and at my way back was accompanied straight to the airline counter. Thank you!


I was in urgent need of an off-road car, so I rented Hilux. Great, I would  even say, perfect car. I went out of town, without any problems on difficult terrains. I also was pleasantly surprised by the attentive and helpful service. Thank you very much, I was pleased as a dog with two tails :)  


Everything was at the highest possible level, although my flight was severely delayed. Thanks for your understanding and promptness


I have to drive a lot around the city quite often. My salary depends directly on how operatively I get to the customer. Not so long ago I was knocked at a crossroad: so the car needs reparing at least a week, so I rented Toyota. It worked without complaints, drove with comfort. In case of emergency I will come here again, and I will for sure advise all my friends to use this company. Thank you.

Vasiliy Popov

So the spring came again with the same usual problems – how to carry stuff to dacha, how to get to the market for plants, etc. After some calculations my wife and I decided to hire the car – it was the cheapest option. Couple of trips were enough to overcome all the difficulties. We rented Skoda and quickly did all by ourselves. I will certainly come back in autumn. 

Alexander Nikolaevich

My son was constantly moaning about Turkey and Egypt, so I decided to show him the beauty we have in our Russian remotes. So… Long chose from your off-road vehicles, eventually took the Nissan Terrano. As a result we got round the entire region, not ignoring the "wild" places. For only ten days of scouting I managed to persuade my son to change his mind completely, he now excitingly tells his friends about our hidden divine nature beauties. There was not even a single problem with the car: everything was clean, comfortable and reliable. Thank you.


I was doing some arrangements for my brother’s wedding. Took a pair of Lexus cars for the weekend. The just married remained fully satisfied and the photos turned out to be luxury. Thank you, wish you success!

Antonov Andrey

As a fan of fishing, who doesn’t own a car, I could say that I struggle with difficulties of finding a really good place with proper biting. I took an inexpensive and reliable Renault. The weekend was just gorgeous. Many thanks to the company!

Talgat Yulaev

We decided to drive out into the woods for a week, but there was no rode to drive! We rented Niva. The manager told about all the features of the machine, so there were no problems with driving, there were no problems at all! The machine was given in excellent condition. My wife and children were very pleased. Thanks for the vacation!


I urgently needed a car for a week. My personal one was severely damaged in an accident, so I had to provide some maintenance, but my work assumes regular trips around the city, and sometimes around the borderlands. Friends prompted some contacts, so I contact you. I definitely don’t regret that decision: a comfortable car, polite staff, reasonable prices, no problems. This service deserves to be called superb!