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The Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of personal information (hereafter-Policy) applies to all information that LLC “Dacar56” can receive about the User during the usage of the PROKATMASHIN56.RU website and during the of LLC “Dacar56” any agreements with the User.

The Terms of the processing of personal data (hereafter-Terms) regulate the legal relations in the processing of personal data between LLC “Dacar56” (OGRN 1145658026656, address: 460005 76/1, Tereshkovoi str., Orenburg, Russia) and the User (a legal-capable person who has reached the age of 18 and uses the PROKATMASHIN56.RU website).

Personal data includes any information related to a person directly or indirectly to a secific or identifiable individual (citizen). Personal data processing includes any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) with personal data, performed with or without the use of automation services. Such actions (operations) include collecting, receiving, recording, systematizing, accumulating, storing, refining (updating, changing), exporting, using, transfer (distribution, provision, giving access); removing; , depersonalizing, blocking, deleting, destroying of personal data.

The User agrees to these Terms by entering his email address into a special field on the PROKATMASHIN56.RU website with the offer of completing the application, and then confirming it by clicking the "Send" or "Ok" button. By doing so, the User sends the e-mail, belonging to him, to LLC “Dacar56” for the means of further consulting on the services provided, listed on the PROKATMASHIN56.RU website.

The usage of this website means the User's absolute consent to this Policy and the Terms of processing his personal information; In case of any disagreements with these conditions, the User should refrain from using the site PROKATMASHIN56.RU.


1. Personal information of Users, which is processed by LLC “Dacar56”

1.1. Within this Policy, the "User’s personal information" means:

1.1.1. Personal information that the User provides about himself during

the usage of the PROKATMASHIN56.RU website, including personal data of the User. Mandatory-to-provide information is marked in a special way. Other information is provided by the User at his discretion.

1.1.2. While sending an application for the development of the website of PROKATMASHIN56.RU through the contact form, the User provides LLC “Dacar56” with the following information: name, telephone contact number.

1.1.3. When sending an application for promotion or advertising through a contact form listed at PROKATMASHIN56.RU the User provides LLC “Dacar56” with the following information: the domain name of the site.

1.1.4. Statistical data, which is automatically transferred to LLC “Dacar56” in the process of refining them using the Yandex Metrics installed on the PROKATMASHIN56.RU website, including information about the User's browser (or other software that accesses PROKATMASHIN56.RU), technical characteristics of the equipment, facilities and software used by the User, date and time of access to PROKATMASHIN56.RU addresses of requested pages and other similar information. No IP information data is collected.

1.1.5. Other information about the User, processing of which is being done in accordance with the Terms of use PROKATMASHIN56.RU

1.2. This Policy is applicable only to information processed during the use of PROKATMASHIN56.RU, does not control and is not responsible for the processing of information by third-party sites to which the User can land from the links available on the PROKATMASHIN56.RU website including the “Reviews” section.

1.3. LLC “Dacar56” does not verify the reliability of personal information provided by the User, and does not have the ability to appraise his legal capacity. However, LLC “Dacar56” assumes that the user provides reliable and sufficient personal information and maintains this information in an up-to-date state.


2. The purposes of processing of the personal information of Users

2.1. LLC “Dacar56” collects and stores only that personal information that is necessary to provide the functions of the site PROKATMASHIN56.RU in their full scale, except for cases when the legislation provides for mandatory storage of personal information during the specified period.

By providing his personal data, the User agrees to its processing (up to the withdrawal of the User's Agreement to the processing of personal data) LLC “Dacar56” (OGRN 1145658026656, address: 460005 76/1, Tereshkovoi str., Orenburg, Russia)  in order to be provided with promotional and consulting information and for other purposes in accordance with point 2.2 of the Terms. While processing of personal data, LLC “Dacar56” is guided by the Federal Law "On Personal Data", the Federal Law "On Advertising" and local regulatory documents and laws.

2.2. The User's personal information is processed by LLC “Dacar56” for the following purposes:

2.2.1. Communication with the User, including sending notifications, requests and information, connected to the use of PROKATMASHIN56.RU, as well as processing requests and applications from the User.

2.2.2. Improving the quality of PROKATMASHIN56.RU, the convenience of its use, the development of new services.


3. Conditions for processing personal information of Users and transferring it to third parties

3.1. LLC “Dacar56” stores personal information of Users in accordance with the internal regulations of LLC “Dacar56”.

3.2. While processing personal data of LLC “Dacar56” is not limited in the variety of used methods of processing them.

3.3. With regard to the User's personal information, its confidentiality is preserved and protected, except for cases of provision by the User of information about himself on his own free will for general access to an unlimited number of people, for example, in the reviews on the work of the PROKATMASHIN56.RU website and on the services of LLC “Dacar56”. The User agrees that a certain part of his personal information may intentionally become public.

3.4. LLC "Dacar56" has the right to transfer the User's personal information to third parties in the following cases:

3.4.1. The User has given his agreement to such actions;

3.4.2. The transfer is provided in accordance with Russian or other applicable legislations, related to the procedure, established by law;

3.4.3. In order to ensure the possibility of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of LLC “Dacar56” or third parties in cases where the User violates the User Agreement, foregoing Policy;


4. Change and removal of personal information. Mandatory storage of data

4.1. If the User wishes to clarify or modify personal data in the case that personal data is incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant, or wishes to withdraw his Agreement to the processing of personal data, the User must send an official request to LLC “Dacar56” in the following order: a letter with the subject "Specify personal data" Or "Terminate/abort the processing of personal data" to an E-mail: The contact E-mail address and the relevant requirement must be listed in the letter.

4.2. The rights provided for in point 4.1. of this Policy may be limited in accordance with the requirements of the law. In particular, such restrictions may include the duty of LLC “Dacar56” to keep the information which was changed or deleted by the User for the period established by law and to transfer such information in accordance with the legally established procedure to the government legislation body.


5. Measures used to protect the User's personal information

5.1. LLC “Dacar56” arranges a variety of necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the User's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, distortion, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with it.


6. Changing the Privacy Policy. Applicable Law

6.1. LLC "Dacar56" has the right to apply changes in the foregoing Privacy Policy. When making changes to the current version, the date of the last update is indicated. The new version of the Policy shall come into force from the moment of its placement, unless otherwise information is being provided by the new edition of the Policy.


7. Feedback. Suggestions and questions

7.1. Any suggestions or questions about this Policy may be sent to LLC “Dacar56” by using the following contact e-mail:


Date of publication: 20.07.2017


Juridical information:

LLC “Dacar56”

460005 76/1, Tereshkovoi str., Orenburg, Russia

8-800-500-96-88; 8 (3532) 20-00-80; 8 (3532) 20-60-10


INN 5610163414

OGRN 1145658026656

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