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Chevrolet Niva

Cost of rent: 2000 rubles per day, with a rent for 7 days - 1800 rubles per day

The sum of the deposit is 8000 rubles for citizens of Orenburg and 16000 rubles in other cases

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Vehicle Description:

This car does not require any introductions. The latest Chevrolet Niva modification received a slightly updated design, thanks to the Italian designers. Invariable for a long time, the technical part and rather laconic interior of the salon emphasize that you have chosen an economical “budget hard worker” who will transfer you from point "A" to point "B" on roads of any type and conditions.

Niva has all the advantages that are so appreciated in our country: unpretentiousness at service&maintenance, reliability and reasonable, available to everyone price, both while purchasing or renting.

Niva can be rented for a day or two to get to a place with the most amazing biting, or, if that is not enough, you may sign a rent for more than 7 days. Then your vacation will pass exactly where you want, no matter how hard is it to get there. Believe us – Niva will handle all the difficulties of rough terrain! That is why a renter, who will pay only 1800 rubles per day, perfectly understands what possibilities are now opened in front of him for such a ridiculous price.

The engine of 80 liters gasoline with a volume of 1.7 liters and a manual gearbox, air conditioning, tow bar and music subsystem allow this car to deliver five passengers comfortably to any place of our country at any time of the year.